“Who is that?”

By F. Wrights

Ann Arbor, MI – August 26, 2016:  Walled Lake Western is known for its

offensive all-stars, Cody White (senior offensive prodigy committed to

Michigan State) and Johnny Tracy (offensive senior who recently committed

to Princeton).  But it was another Jon whose name repeatedly rang out at

last night’s Battle at the Big House, Jonathon Moffett (#28), who added an

explosive power defense for Walled Lake Western during the team’s season

opener at The University of Michigan. With 9 tackles, 3 assists, 1 forced

fumble, and 1 fumble recovery in the first half of the game, the junior

linebacker is definitely one to watch this season. When asked how he felt

about playing so well at the Big House, Moffett said with much enthusiasm,

“I think we came out and executed our jobs.  We played hard and it paid


The “we” included another junior Justin Thomas, who showed up to perform as

well, recovering a Farmington fumble in the first 18 seconds of the game

after Moffett stripped the ball from a Farmington player.  Walled Lake

Western’s starting defense included a band of Warriors collaborating

to shut down Farmington’s offense in the first half of the game, preventing

them from scoring. Jack Dodge was another multi-talented force to be

reckoned with playing offense and defense.  Dodge scored a touchdown in the

first half of the game and was an aggressive defensive opponent for

Farmington.  Josh Johnson was also a formative opponent at last night’s

game at The Big House.  The collective efforts of Walled Lake Western’s

defense compliments their powerhouse offense. Walled Lake Western were the

victors with a final score of 41-14.

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